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Marshall Islands


Introduction: After almost four decades under US administration as the easternmost part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, the Marshall Islands attained independence in 1986 under a Compact of Free Association. Compensation claims continue as a result of US nuclear testing on some of the atolls between 1947 and 1962. The Marshall Islands hosts the US Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA) Reagan Missile Test Site, a key installation in the US missile defense...

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Economic Overview: The RMI economy is dependent on revenue from the United States under the compact, with over 80 per cent of government revenue being derived directly, or indirectly, from US grants. The Government is the major employer, followed by the commercial and retail sectors. The construction industry is expanding but there is limited domestic production -- fisheries, copra, handicrafts and subsistence agriculture being the most significant ...

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History: Little is clearly understood about the prehistory of the Marshall Islands. Researchers agree on little more than that successive waves of migratory people from Southeast Asia spread across the Western Pacific about 3,000 years ago and that some of them landed on and remained on these islands. The Spanish explorer de Saavedra landed there in 1529. They were named for English explorer John ...

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International Relations: The Republic of Marshall Islands joined the United Nations in 1991. Marshall Islands are members of the Pacific Islands Forum. The Marshall Islands lays claim to Wake Island, which is under the administration of the United States.

Relations with the UK

The UK's relations with the Marshall Islands are warm and friendly.

Diplomatic representation

The British Ambassador to the Republic of the Marshall Islands is Mr Stephen Lillie who is also the resident HM Ambassador to the Republic of the Philippines based at the British Embassy Manila. Whilst there is no British ...

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