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Turkey: Table A. Chronology of Major Kemalist Reforms
Country Study > Chapter 1 > Historical Setting > Table A. Chronology of Major Kemalist Reforms


1922 - Sultanate abolished (November 1).

1923 - Treaty of Lausanne secured (July 24).

1923 - Republic of Turkey with capital at Ankara proclaimed (October 29).

1924 - Caliphate abolished (March 3).

1924 - Traditional religious schools closed, seriat abolished. Constitution adopted (April 20).

1925 - Dervish brotherhoods abolished.

1925 - Fez outlawed by the Hat Law (November 25). Veiling of women discouraged; Western clothing for men and women encouraged.

1925 - Western (Gregorian) calendar adopted.

1926 - New civil, commercial, and penal codes based on European models adopted. New civil code ended Islamic polygamy and divorce by renunciation and introduced civil marriage.

1926 - Millet system ended.

1927 - First systematic census.

1928 - New Turkish alphabet (modified Latin form) adopted. State declared secular (April 10); constitutional provision establishing Islam as official religion deleted.

1933 - Islamic call to worship and public readings of the Kuran (Quran) required to be in Turkish rather than Arabic.

1934 - Women given the vote and the right to hold office.

1934 - Law of Surnames adopted -- Mustafa Kemal given the name Kemal Atatürk (Father Turk) by the Grand National Assembly; Ismet Pasha took surname of Inönü.

1935 - Sunday adopted as legal weekly holiday.

1935 - State role in managing economy written into the constitution.

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