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Abusua - The family in Akan society

Adae - Akan sacred day. According to the traditional lunar calendar, an Adae day occurs every fortnight.

Asafo - Traditional Akan men's association and originally fighting companies.

Asante /Ashanti/Ashantee - Akan group, geographically located to the central part of the country. Founders of the Asante Empire, and speakers of Asante-Twi language.

Asantehene - King of Asante.

Bosomtwi (Lake) - The only natural lake in Ghana. It is located about 32 km to the south-east of Kumase, the Asante capital.

CHW - Community Health Worker.

Consultative Assembly - A body elected by various organizations in 1991/92 to debate the constitutional proposals drawn out by a government-appointed Committee of Experts. The document agree upon by the Consultative Assembly was accepted in May of 1992 as the constitution for the Fourth Republic to be elected to power later in 1992/93.

CPP - Convention People's Party (was in power from 1957-1966).

Global 2000 - An organization founded and chaired by Mr. Jimmy Carter (former President of the United States) to aid Third World farmers with improved seedlings, financial assistance, and extension services. The goal was to create agricultural self-sufficiency in the selected countries. Ghana became a Global 2000 member in the mid- 1980s.

Homowo - Ga annual homecoming festival.

IMF - International Monetary Fund.

JSS - Junior Secondary School.

NCWD - National Council on Women and Development.

NUGS - National Union of Ghana Students.

Odwira - Annual Akan festival for the propitiation of the ancestors.

Ramadan - Muslim month of fasting.

SRC - Students Representative Council (equal to SGAs in the United States).

SSS - Senior Secondary School.

Tariqa - Muslim brotherhood.

TBA - Traditional Birth Attendant.

Tendaana - Mole-Dagbane Earth cult and shrine.

TUC - Trade Union Congress.

UNESCO - United Nations Education, Science, and Cultural Organization.

UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund.

VHW - Village Health Worker.

WHO - World Health Organization (United Nations)

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