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The authors wish to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals who wrote the 1978 edition of Israel: A Country Study, which was edited by Richard F. Nyrop: Richard F. Nyrop, Laraine N. Carter, Darrell R. Eglin, Rinn Sup Shinn, and James D. Rudolph. Their work provided the organization and structure of the present volume, as well as portions of the text.

The authors are grateful to individuals in various government agencies and private institutions who gave of their time, research materials, and expertise to the production of this book. The authors also wish to thank members of the Federal Research Division staff who contributed directly to the preparation of the manuscript. These people include Thomas Collelo, the substantive reviewer of all the textual material and maps; Richard F. Nyrop, who reviewed all drafts and served as liaison with the sponsoring agency; and Martha E. Hopkins, who managed book editing and production. Noelle B. Beatty, Sharon Costello, Deanna D'Errico, and Evan Raynes edited the chapters. Also involved in preparing the text were editorial assistants Barbara Edgerton and Izella Watson. Catherine Schwartzstein performed final prepublication review. Shirley Kessel compiled the index. Malinda B. Neale of the Library of Congress Composing Unit set the type, under the direction of Peggy Pixley.

Invaluable graphics support was provided by David P. Cabitto, assisted by Sandra K. Ferrell. Carolina E. Forrester reviewed the map drafts and prepared the final maps. Special thanks are owed to Kimberly A. Lord, who designed the cover artwork and the illustrations on the title page of each chapter.

The authors would like to thank Arvies J. Staton, who supplied information on ranks and insignia. Joshua Sinai provided invaluable assistance in the transliteration and translation of Hebrew terms. Finally, the authors acknowledge the generosity of the many individuals and public agencies who allowed their photographs to be used in this study.

Data as of December 1988

Last Updated: December 1988

Editor's Note: Country Studies included here were published between 1988 and 1998. The Country study for Israel was first published in 1988. Where available, the data has been updated through 2008. The date at the bottom of each section will indicate the time period of the data. Information on some countries may no longer be up to date. See the "Research Completed" date at the beginning of each study on the Title Page or the "Data as of" date at the end of each section of text. This information is included due to its comprehensiveness and for historical purposes.

Note that current information from the CIA World Factbook, U.S. Department of State Background Notes, Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Country Briefs, the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Country Profiles, and the World Bank can be found on

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