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Micronesia, Federated States of


Introduction: In 1979 the Federated States of Micronesia, a UN Trust Territory under US administration, adopted a constitution. In 1986 independence was attained under a Compact of Free Association with the US, which was amended and renewed in 2004. Present concerns include large-scale unemployment, overfishing, and overdependence on US...

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Economic Overview: The economy is dominated by government services and largely reliant on external grants, with only a modest private sector. The fisheries sector is regarded as having the greatest development potential. With an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ )of 2.5 million square kilometres, FSM bestrides major equatorial tuna migratory paths and the fishing industry has been boosted by the construction of cold storage facilities and processing plants. Fishery licensing fees account for nearly half of domestic budgetary revenue.

The tourist industry is another area of potential for FSM , particularly diving and eco-tourism. Some 21 000 ...

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History: Ancestors of the Micronesians settled the Caroline Islands over 4,000 years ago. A decentralized chieftain-based system eventually evolved into a more centralized economic and religious empire based principally in Yap and Pohnpei. European explorers -- first the Portuguese in search of the Spice Islands and then the Spanish -- reached the Carolines in the 16th century, with the Spanish ...

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International Relations: The Federated States of Micronesia joined the United Nations on 17 September 1991. It is also a member of a wide range of regional and other international organisations. As of 22 October 2002, Micronesia had established diplomatic relations with 50 countries. Its most important relationship is with the USA, with which it entered into a Compact of Free Association The government of Micronesia has reason to believe that the long-term close relationship with the United States envisioned in the Compact will be maintained.

FSM'S relations with the UK

The UK's relations with the Federated States of ...

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